Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Win Some, Lose Some

Well, RPI did something that was expected of them and won the weekend! However, the bad news for RPI supporters (and this blog especially) is apparently the knee/leg injury suffered by Tyler. This blog has been a huge supporter of Tyler and he was really coming through this year (being the leading point producer and all). I have not heard what the latest is on his injury but I am wishing him a swift recovery!

I was up in Albany this weekend and managed to catch the second game. Wow is RPI fast and pressing in the offensive zone! I couldn't believe I was watching the same RPI program play. Of course, it was a lower tier opponent only playing their second game of the season in a back to back situation but still, man did RPI look good! I think its safe to say that RPI finally has the horses to compete with Seth's offensive scheme. And boy does the Second Round Draft Pick (SRDP from now on) look great. He gets open for a lot of shots.

The only area of concern remains the third period. RPI played a terrible third period in its Friday night game and SA said as much in his post game comments. I don't know what the heck happens in the third period at these games. Its definitely a function of SA's coaching style so the best we can hope for is that RPI plays and gets the lead in the first 2 and holds on for dear life in the third.

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