Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Appert Is At Least Realisitic

Play the frosh goalie. Get the young kids out there. Sure RPI lost both games last weekend but you are starting to see the future is now for RPI hockey.

“Allen [York] was outstanding tonight,” said Rensselaer coach Seth Appert (per USCHO).

I really don't have much to say on the current state of affairs in Troy but will certainly be rooting for RPI to beat Clarkson on Friday. Of course, with the "everyone gets a ride on the village bicycle" playoff attitude of the ECAC, I will certainly be all over all playoff action coming up in 2 weeks (which in all likelihood will end Rippee's season). Until the end, I hope they at least split between Lange and York to keep seasoning the sauce for a very important season next year.

Friday, February 20, 2009

And Now Comes The Part Of The Season If I Can Muster Up Any Interest

Last weekend was a bit of a back breaker for me, I must admit. 2 weeks left in the regular season and the lads are going for another C&C series this weekend. With 'Gate on the "upswing" (,16682/ThisWeekinECACHockeyFeb192009.html) and Cornell in second place, I suffer no illusions about what awaits RPI this weekend.

So, the question is, how can I remain interested in RPI hockey when the season is so clearly circling the drain? I think for me, its all about the play of the young kids. Considering the highly ranked recruiting class and the over performing underclassman, the future is the key. Soooo, play all the freshman you can, play York all the time, may as well season them as much as possible because really, for me, next year is make or break for Appert.

As go the youth next year, so goes he.

Predicition: RPI loses both this weekend.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Well That Sucked

Back to back losses against Union. Damn Appert, suckering me in like he always does. Sure next year's freshmen coupled with the youngsters aging a year might put RPI in national prominence a year or 2 from now but what about THIS YEAR?

Appert is also extremely infuriating in his press conferences. He always says the same thing (from USCHO): “There’s no tangible changes [to be made] ,” he said. “I think we’re playing pretty good hockey." ARRRGHHHH

This year my friends, well it looks like no home ice advantage and an early exit from the ECAC playoffs. I don't mean to be negative but couple this with a busy week at work (thus no posts) means I am in no mood to coddle this team for the remainder of the year.

The only thing that can pick up my spirits this year is that the Big Red Freakout is this weekend. I loved going to that game with my dad and the plastic horns. Color me blase for this year's incarnation.

Brown @ Rensselaer
With all due respect to the tradition, talent, and tenacity of Brown Hockey ... this just isn't their year. 4-1 Engineers.

Yale @ Rensselaer
Bulldogs wrest another road win (they're 8-1-0 on the road already this year), maintaining the status of top dog in the fight in the ECAC. 4-2 Yale.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Home And Home

I hate Union. The reasons are many but basically it stems from growing up an RPI fan and being entranced by their then current success (I grew up in the 80s) and their long history of success and the number of NHLers that came through their doors. Usually geographic rivalries are the most intense. Look at Michigan/Michigan State, USC/UCLA, Alabama/Auburn. No matter how good or bad either side of that equation is in a particular year, they always get up for the rivalry game.

Union is the closest D1 school to RPI and was always seen by me as a young upstart trying to get the respected hockey crown from RPI. Of course, it didn't help matters that over the last years of the Fridgen reign, Union was out recruiting and out performing RPI on the ice. The rivarly now had teeth that Union was competitive and in fact beating RPI at RPI's own game. Add the creation of the Governor's Cup where the main draw was the 2 teams squaring off in addition to their regular season games and for me, the rivalry has increased.

Do the players get a sense of this? Heck, do even RPI fans have a sense of this? There was a thread this week on USCHO about how many RPI fans still view Clarkson as the main toe to toe rival (of course the 1 minute chant still remains).

Still, I am going with the importance of these 2 games, not just for the rivalry factor but because this is a huge weekend for the ECAC standings. RPI needs both of these games to keep marching towards home ice advantage during at least some of the playoffs.

I say that they sweep the home and home this weekend. Let's get it on!

USCHO's picks:

Union @ Rensselaer
In a matchup of average offenses and bad defenses, I'm going to play the odds and pick the home Engineers. The teams look very closely matched right now; 3-2 RPI.

Rensselaer @ Union
Home teams win in the travel-partner tango, 4-1 Dutchmen.

Monday, February 02, 2009

Oh You Third Period

How I hate you. How you ruin many a RPI game.

Why, RPI has taken many a lead or a tied game into the 3rd period before getting blown out. Is it conditioning of the body that needs to be stepped for THE SECOND CONSECUTIVE SEASON? Is it the conditioning of the mind?

Whatever the reason, it is clear RPI does not bring it in the third (consistently). Three goals were given up in the third period against the Big Green (who also managed to sweep the season series against the cherry and white). Man if this isn't a CONSTANT during the Appert time period, I don't know what is.

The only thing I can look forward to is the home and home this weekend against RPI's true rival, Union. Saw what you want to about Clarkson and the 1 minute chant but I have always considered Union as the whippersnapper upstart to RPI's long, storied tradition of a program. The fact that they have been getting the better of the lads over the last few years has not been lost on me and I am asking, no begging for a sweep!