Friday, October 30, 2009


Its that time of the year kiddies. Time to break out the slutty stockings for the girls and the proton packs for the boys and get your Halloween on. This is my favorite time of year and the only thing that gets me more excited is when RPI plays Union.

I hate Union. Hate, hate, hate. They are the Mets, Jets, Nets of Capital region hockey. The fact that they have had a slightly better program over the last five years has been nothing short of infuriating.

This is the year though. I really, truly believe RPI has turned a corner and will turn over a new leaf/page this weekend by whupping up on Union as well as Army. Its crazy to think that I am picking RPI to sweep a weekend 2 weeks in a row but these are the heady go-go Aughts that we are living in. Of course, USCHO disagrees with me but I think Pumpkinhead will be visiting them soon enough!

USCHO's picks:

Rensselaer @ Union (non-conf)
Union, as mentioned in the column, has played strong third periods so far this season. RPI, on the other hand, has had a recent history of collapsing under pressure after 40 minutes of play. The Engineers will have to prove me wrong before I start picking them with any consistency. 5-2 Dutch.

Army @ Rensselaer
Will RPI suffer a let-down in this post-Union trap game? Unlikely ... but always a possibility. That said, the 'Tute is 3-0-0 at home. Make it 4-0-0: 4-3 RPI.

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