Friday, October 23, 2009

A Cake Walk Non-Conference?

Well this weekend, RPI goes up against the "mighty" programs of Sacred Heart and AIU. I didn't even realize these teams had hockey programs, much less ones that could do damage.

RPI should be overlooking NO ONE at any point on their schedule but if you were to say to me, "Me would you be disappointed if RPI didn't come away with 4 points this weekend?" I would have to say YES. Between AIU and SH, they have a combined record of 0-0-0 (that's right NO games so far) and RPI is getting warmed up. This should be a cake walk. RPI 2-1 over SH, 4-2 over AIU.

Sacred Heart at Rensselaer
This really should be a walk-over for RPI, but that's what many people thought about the Quinnipiac–Bentley game last week. I'll take the 'Tute in this one, but not by a landslide: 3-2.

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