Friday, October 16, 2009

Weekend Is Here!

Let's crank it up for some RPI games.

The lads are chilling in Anchorage Alaska for this weekend and will be going up against Alaskan teams who are happy not to be flying 2,000 miles just to be playing someone. If RPI doesn't mind the jet lag (and after that disastrous Colorado trip, it might be an issue) and York plays well, I think they should take both games. However, the realist in me thinks they have enough legs to win the first one and tank in the second one.

USCHO seems to be picking my brain on this and has argued the same way. Thoughts?

Rensselaer vs. Alaska-Anchorage
(Brice Alaska Gold Rush; Fairbanks, Alaska)
If the Engineers can adequately adjust to the time difference, I think they can put away the almost-home team. 3-1 RPI.

Rensselaer @ Alaska
(Brice Alaska Gold Rush; Fairbanks, Alaska)
This time, it's the actual home team making the most of an immense home-ice (not to mention home-state, home-time zone, and home-latitude) advantage. 4-1 Alaska.

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