Friday, November 14, 2008

More Games At Home

The one positive thing about RPI's losing ways to start the season is at least they are in the friendly confines of the HFH and the home environment might help inspire them for a few more wins to help them get over this rough stretch of the season. This weekend is no different as RPI looks to build on last weekend's 1-1 stretch with games against Princeton and Quinn.

I think RPI continues to play .500 hockey with a terrible PP this weekend and I mirror USCHO's take on the games.

Princeton @ Rensselaer
Can RPI bounce back at home? Princeton's a tough task; I'll save my upset pick for another time. 4-1 Tigers.

Quinnipiac @ Rensselaer
QU is certainly vulnerable, and if the Engineers can play as though they have nothing to lose ... well really, what do they have to lose? 3-1 RPI.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Predicting .500

1-1 this weekend. A win over Harvard and a loss to Dartmouth (USCHO got it right!). Lange with the win, York with the loss. I am NOT a fan of switching goalies (see all of last year's posts) and I think its time for Appert to settle in with Lange for the stretch run.

I don't think RPI is horrible but they are clearly not a good team. I think last weekend will be a precursor of things to come and they will finish about .500 but with no home ice advantage. Something tells me SA is slowly turning the ship around but to do so, he must get the offense working EVERY night and stop with the damn goalie platooning already!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Get Ready For Some Hockey!

Ok folks, it is ECAC weekend at the Houston Field House. I am hoping to be in attendance for the Dartmouth game and cheer on the lads in person.

RPI v. Harvard:
They killed us in shots but their power play was just as terrible as RPI's. The thing in RPI's favor is the Blackout will be this Friday night which is a great new annual tradition and should pump up the boys even more. Its really a make or break game for RPI as ECAC play gets underway in earnest. Personally, I don't think our offense is up to the challenge and I see RPI falling 3-1.

USCHO disagrees:
Harvard @ Rensselaer
Hunch pick: RPI guts out a desperate win in front of a blacked-out crowd, 3-2.

RPI v. Dartmouth:
Growing up, I always remember Dartmouth as the team scheduled against RPI for the Freakout because the program was so anemic. Its tough to tell about them this year as they are only 0-2 and lost a close game to Vermont. Still I am thinking RPI hands them their hat in a bounceback game 4-2.

USCHO disagrees:
Dartmouth @ Rensselaer
Call it a Houston (Field House) Hangover: RPI can't make it four points this weekend. 3-2 Green.

Through the RPI listserve, here are some articles on the games from the local fish wraps:

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

1 for 10 Equals Loss

On Election Day, Harvard cast its ballots and RPI was in no position to ask for a recount. 1 for 10 on the powerplay left RPI with a 4-1 loss in ECACHL play.

There is something wrong there on the hill. Perhaps it is 36 shots against. Perhaps it is the terrible powerplay. Perhaps it is the coaching.

In any event, these are depressing times for fans of the Cherry and White. I am at a loss this morning of what needs to be done with this program.