Tuesday, March 09, 2010


So it has been two days since the disastrous Sunday game. The RPI listserv practically blew up with griping and then backtracking on the griping. Who was at fault? Was it York in game one? D'Amigo in game 3?

Actually, where I think the blame lies is on consistency. SA has created a high tempo style but clearly has not imparted onto the lads that they should play that way for 3 periods. I saw the Saturday game in person and despite RPI winning 4-1 and despite Brown having at most 3 good skaters, RPI constantly let Brown take the play to them. Dmen blew coverages and could not adequately clear the zone. The forwards did not beck check and York looked slightly spastic in goal and was out of position frequently. And this was during A WIN!!!

I will have a full season recap coming up in a week or so but for now I think the failings of the playoffs should be clearly centered on the team as a whole and SA's handling of it.

As always, go RPI!

Sunday, March 07, 2010


So good to see the lads last night in person. Also good to see them come out after getting down 1-1 in the first and put the foot on the accelerator and finally look like the better team against Brown. Of course, there were waaaay too many defensive lapses but York was up to the task and the forwards certainly were.

Tonight is game 3 which I will be on pins and needles for. I think the lads WILL and SHOULD pull it out. As always, Go Red, Go White!

Friday, March 05, 2010

Panic Time!

Well, so THAT happened...

What is UP with the *(&%$%$ third period??? I could recount on many, many fingers the third period failings of Mr. Appert's team over the last few years. This year was supposed to be different. Finally, "we" had the horses to play the full 60 minute uptempo style SA brought from Denver.
Tonight, it didn't happen. I don't care what those wrascially wrabbits on RPI say about RPI's effort after they fell down 2-1 early in the third. It should have never happened. I do not have the shot totals in front of me for the individual periods but I don't care if RPI eventually outshot Brown in the third. Brown did outshoot RPI 27-25 which is UNACCEPTABLE ON THE ROAD considering Brown's history this season.
York let in 2. Ok, you have to accept that. It wasn't 3 or 5 (the final score reflects empty net goals). He misplayed a puck, that happens but really, RPI has the offense to easily match that score. Hell, during the first period intermission, the Brown coach even admitted that they were 1-16-and something when they were scored on first.
Since Brown scored their two goals off of rebounds, you have to ask, what is up D? Everyone is saying that the D (led by Kennedy) is much improved this year but every time I watch RPI in person and listening tonight, it really makes me wonder if obtaining the young guns on O have sacrificed the D.
I am hoping to attend the game tomorrow in person. This team has to turn it around tonight. No after-game pizza, no iPod downloads, just focus on the job at hand between right now and tomorrow night at 7.
I believe RPI has the talent to compete with the ECAC. I believe they can get it done against Brown. As always, go Red, go White!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

The Playoffs Are Here!

Well that last weekend didn't go so well eh? Win and RPI was in the fourth spot. Lose the "right" way and RPI was in. Neither of that happened which makes me fearful for the playoff run ahead of RPI.

They do have home ice advantage for the first round which they have not had during SA's tenure which is great. Also great, is the opponent, Brown. 8-17-4 is a good sign but the REALLY great news is the away record, 2-12-1. If ever was there a road dog that RPI can fatten up on at home to get ready for the next round, this is it.

Head to head, RPI won the first game 3-1 and then there was that crazy overtime loss to Brown just a few weeks ago. I think this series, like all of the ECAC contests remaining for RPI this season, hinge on York. If he can keep the score low, it allows the forwards the freedom to really do their stuff and not have to backcheck as much to help out the D. RPI's forwards can score with any team, but why bother if the goalie keeps it to 1-2 goals for the game?

Overall, I think this is a good matchup for RPI and I expect them to advance. I hope to make it to at least one game up there this weekend and cheer on the Cherry and White in person!