Monday, December 17, 2007

The Third Period

Here are two quotes from the USCHO article about the RPI games this weekend:

"For the second straight game, the RedHawks dominated the third period against the Engineers."

"Meanwhile, the Engineers (8-7-3) have been outscored 25-6 in the third."

As I have stated on here many, many times, RPI can compete in the ECAC but run out of juice in the third periods of games against top-tier opponents. I mean, when you get throughly dominated by the best teams in the country, doesn't that say something about the team and the coaching?

Sure, they lads only have so much energy but if you know they are going to skate hard for two periods and get blown out in the third, can't you up the conditioning and/or change coaching strategies to counteract this? Seth, I have been a big proponent of you and I believe in your skill for recruiting but wow, can we right this ship at some point for the ECAC stretch run (I think the holiday tourney is a lost cause at this point)?

Thoughts comments on the weekend that was?

Friday, December 14, 2007

Here We Go

This is the weekend isn't it? The weekend where RPI puts all of its 2 period skills to the test against the dreaded Numero Dos team in the nation. Its such a big contest that its the front page story on

I am excited but wary. I mean, this RPI team skates great against top tier teams for 2 periods and then blows it in the third. Minnesota and ND anyone? I think the long layoff will hurt them in the first game but I think they will win the seond one. Anyone's opinions are welcomed in the comments.


Friday, December 07, 2007


Ok the weekend is here- another slate of games and yours truly is feeling pretty excited after that dominating Harvard win. Yet, RPI is not playing this week. Man, what a momentum killer. And then to come back rusty with Miami???? I don't think that weekend will go well but a good tuneup for the holiday tournament in FLA.

USCHO has lots of RPI goodies in its weekly column I figure I will reprint here. Have a great weekend.

USCHO gives us their month of December predictions:

Saturday, December 15

Miami at Rensselaer
4-1 RedHawks

Sunday, December 16

Miami at Rensselaer
4-3 RedHawks

Saturday, December 29

Rensselaer vs. Colorado College (Lightning Classic, Tampa, Fla.)
4-2 Engineers

Sunday, December 30

Notre Dame vs. Rensselaer (Lightning Classic Championship, Tampa, Fla.)
3-2 Engineers

Another treat from USCHO:

Red Storm Rising

Sorry Cornell, but it’s not always about you.

Seth Appert has Rensselaer rolling right now, though you may not suspect it at first glance.

“We’ve had a chance to win in every game we’ve played,” said the second-year Trojan. “We’ve had a chance to win in every third period we’ve played,” he added, almost incredulous at his team�s misfortune in translating effort into victories.

Appert pointed out that of the Engineers’ five overall losses, four were to highly ranked opponents (Minnesota, Boston College, Harvard and Notre Dame). The fifth loss was at highly potent and highly regarded Quinnipiac, who has fallen short of preseason expectations thus far.

However, it looks like the ‘Tute might finally be seeing some results to match their improved play.

With a 4-2 win over Harvard in the rearview, Appert was positively impressed with his charges’ game.

“It was probably our best effort of the season…as a combination of skill, execution, and physical intensity,” he said.

Putting four pucks past Kyle Richter should count as a victory in and of itself this season, but RPI made sure to take care of business on both ends of the ice to earn the true W.

“We got traffic to the net…where we were settling for fadeaway jumpers [before] ,” he said, to use a basketball analogy. “Part of the reason we were able to beat Harvard on Tuesday was playing BC, playing Minnesota, and coming close but not close enough.”

“There were more guys on the team who wanted the puck against Harvard and Princeton than there ever were against Minnesota and BC…they all wanted to sit back and wait out the win [back then] .”

“It’s too early to say that we’ve turned the corner, but the signs are there that we’re taking the proper steps,” said Appert.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Tuesdays Are Great

Why are Tuesdays so great? Well it just so happens because RPI beat up Havahd 4-2 last night.

This was the best clause in the entire USCHO article: "The 19th-ranked Engineers became the first team to score four goals on the league’s top goalie this season".

Lange got the win and TH got 2 assists. Overall a great night. This has me thinking good thoughts that this game will mark the turnaround in the ECAC for RPI. Now I am just gearing up for their run to Florida!

Monday, December 03, 2007

Isn't It Time?

To admit what I have been railing about on this website for the last year is correct?

Isn't it time to admit that the 2 goalie rotation is NOT the way to go. If you can't decide between Lange and Alford at least pick the hot hand and keep playing them until they lose.

What happened this weekend? Lange and Alford started and we got 1 win and 1 loss.

At this point I suggest going with Lange. Not only his is GAA better (1.96 to 2.1) but his save percentage is better (.936 to .926).

I was hoping this weekend RPI would establish themselves in the ECAC but they seem unwilling to win a full weekend. In the ECAC-only weekends so far, RPI has split 2 series and tied games in the other weekend. They did beat 2 ECAC teams in the Gov Cup but since USCHO has the (nc) after the game, it doesn't count in division for me either.

Whose with me?