Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Well, Ok Then

RPI, not so great when they travel outside the friendly confines of the East Coast. The Denver trip, the Florida trip, and now we can chalk up another one in Alaska.

The lads put up a good fight but fell 3-0 in the first game before salvaging a tie in the second game. York was predictably great in both games. RPI put up 24 and 25 shots respectively in the contests but in both third periods only managed 4 shots and 2 shots.

So, despite not having flown to Alaska to see the games (which I would have loved, if I had hit the lottery), can I ask, what the heck happened in the third periods? Have we not seen similar let downs in the ultimate period by Appert's teams before? What goes on between the second and third periods to allow this to happen? Now, I am willing to give a pass since they flew all the way to Alaska for the tired legs but considering what has come before, this bears close attention going forward.

I am looking forward to another week of RPI hockey and readers of ALL genders!

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