Monday, January 28, 2008

Now We Know Where We Stand

RPI is not an elite team in the ECAC. They couldn't beat Clarkson. However, they aren't the worst team in the ECAC as they finally beat SLU. And, 6-3 with 1 for 3 on the powerplay nonetheless!!!

I think this is pretty much how the rest of the season will play out. Most likely it means going on the road for the playoffs. This obviously was not the expectation going into the season or certainly after the first month of the season. However, I am confident in the future. A few more wins (including beating freaking Union) will alleviate my spirits.

Friday, January 25, 2008


OK, here we are a few weeks into the ECAC sched. Sorry I haven't updated recently but I have been out and about in Utah and thankfully missed that back to back drubbing by Union. Seriously, 9 straight, 9 straight losses??????

Isn't this typical of Appert's tenure so far? Fast starts and then the team drops of the face of the earth? I still have faith in SA but man, 2 seasons showing a trend makes me less than secure.

This weekend is the typical North Country swing which should result in two losses. However, since Clarkson is one of those teams, and the fact that they still suck, I will give that game to RPI and the loss to SLU.

I am not optimistic anymore but I still love those Cherry and White lads! Go RPI!

Of course, USCHO's previews follow bellow:

Rensselaer @ Clarkson
Nine goals in eight games for RPI. Clarkson's 9-1-0 at Cheel. Things aren't looking good for the Engineers. 5-2 Knights.

Rensselaer @ St. Lawrence
SLU people seem to think I have it in for them, predictions-wise. No reason to mollify them now RPI for the upset, because — let's face it — they're going to win sometime. 3-2, by the same score the 'Tute last beat the Saints, in '04-05.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Bring On The ECAC

Well, the less that is said about the Maine game, the better. This weekend kicks off the true meat of the ECAC schedule for RPI. I hope, if anything, Appert has the lads whipped up in a frenzy after the last month. I think with Cornell and Gate, RPI has as good a measuring stick as they will get to see how the rest of the season plays out. I am predicting a split and a .500 record the rest of the way. of course, I want the lads to prove me wrong.


Of course, here are USCHO's picks.

Cornell @ Rensselaer
The Engineers have scored six goals in their last four games. Granted, these were games against high-class competition. That said, Cornell's no slouch. So something's bound to go wrong here: either the Big Red Revival will hit a bump in the road, or RPI will be left groping for the emergency brake on this slide. I'm picking the 'Tute, on sheer desperation, 4-3.

Colgate @ Rensselaer
The Engineers are home for the weekend, and need to make up some ground in the wake of their non-conference losing streak. Colgate will certainly put up a fight, but when it comes right down to it, I think RPI has the better odds. 3-2 'Tute.

Friday, January 04, 2008

RPI vs Da Bears

Normally this would be a blowout in favor of those dreaded Hockey East Bears but I think RPI actually has a shot against them. Most people who have been following Maine this year seem to be writing this off as a down season and if Appert can't light a fire under this after the whole Florida fiasco, I don't know when he will.

Here is USCHO's take- let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Rensselaer at Maine (Cumberland County Civic Center; Portland, Maine)
I’ll pick RPI here, because I’ll give Seth Appert the benefit of the doubt ... that despite the results, the Engineers really are playing great hockey. 4-2 ‘Tute over the stumbling BlueBears.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I Mean Seriously

Here is a question for you. Would you rather have a team that is bad for the entire game against elite teams but know you have young talent in the pipeline (thus excited for the future) OR would you have a team that has a lot of potential but gets blown out in the third period by the elite teams in the country in frustrating fashion?

I think what really gets me about games like what happened this past weekend in Fla is that this team clearly has talent. They have tremendous speed, good hands, a decent goaltending tandem (although Lange was a better goalie when it was just he carrying the load). All elements into making this team a really good one to watch and to root for after many many disappointing years of the Fridgen era.

YET- it is clear something is going on between the second and third period in which RPI decides to rip out the hearts and crush the expectations of its fans. In some ways, to revisit my question above, I would rather be completely blown out by the top tier teams then to keep losing in this fashion.

Even if RPI does well in its ECAC matchups and ends up going to Albany this year, does anyone expect them to compete on that level or even in the NCAA's at this moment? We (meaning RPI hockey) do not have the horses right now to be considered an elite program.

I have faith in Appert. I think he is a hell of a recruiter and I am excited by the future. However, I am not longer excited by the present.