Friday, October 30, 2009


Its that time of the year kiddies. Time to break out the slutty stockings for the girls and the proton packs for the boys and get your Halloween on. This is my favorite time of year and the only thing that gets me more excited is when RPI plays Union.

I hate Union. Hate, hate, hate. They are the Mets, Jets, Nets of Capital region hockey. The fact that they have had a slightly better program over the last five years has been nothing short of infuriating.

This is the year though. I really, truly believe RPI has turned a corner and will turn over a new leaf/page this weekend by whupping up on Union as well as Army. Its crazy to think that I am picking RPI to sweep a weekend 2 weeks in a row but these are the heady go-go Aughts that we are living in. Of course, USCHO disagrees with me but I think Pumpkinhead will be visiting them soon enough!

USCHO's picks:

Rensselaer @ Union (non-conf)
Union, as mentioned in the column, has played strong third periods so far this season. RPI, on the other hand, has had a recent history of collapsing under pressure after 40 minutes of play. The Engineers will have to prove me wrong before I start picking them with any consistency. 5-2 Dutch.

Army @ Rensselaer
Will RPI suffer a let-down in this post-Union trap game? Unlikely ... but always a possibility. That said, the 'Tute is 3-0-0 at home. Make it 4-0-0: 4-3 RPI.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Win Some, Lose Some

Well, RPI did something that was expected of them and won the weekend! However, the bad news for RPI supporters (and this blog especially) is apparently the knee/leg injury suffered by Tyler. This blog has been a huge supporter of Tyler and he was really coming through this year (being the leading point producer and all). I have not heard what the latest is on his injury but I am wishing him a swift recovery!

I was up in Albany this weekend and managed to catch the second game. Wow is RPI fast and pressing in the offensive zone! I couldn't believe I was watching the same RPI program play. Of course, it was a lower tier opponent only playing their second game of the season in a back to back situation but still, man did RPI look good! I think its safe to say that RPI finally has the horses to compete with Seth's offensive scheme. And boy does the Second Round Draft Pick (SRDP from now on) look great. He gets open for a lot of shots.

The only area of concern remains the third period. RPI played a terrible third period in its Friday night game and SA said as much in his post game comments. I don't know what the heck happens in the third period at these games. Its definitely a function of SA's coaching style so the best we can hope for is that RPI plays and gets the lead in the first 2 and holds on for dear life in the third.

Friday, October 23, 2009

A Cake Walk Non-Conference?

Well this weekend, RPI goes up against the "mighty" programs of Sacred Heart and AIU. I didn't even realize these teams had hockey programs, much less ones that could do damage.

RPI should be overlooking NO ONE at any point on their schedule but if you were to say to me, "Me would you be disappointed if RPI didn't come away with 4 points this weekend?" I would have to say YES. Between AIU and SH, they have a combined record of 0-0-0 (that's right NO games so far) and RPI is getting warmed up. This should be a cake walk. RPI 2-1 over SH, 4-2 over AIU.

Sacred Heart at Rensselaer
This really should be a walk-over for RPI, but that's what many people thought about the Quinnipiac–Bentley game last week. I'll take the 'Tute in this one, but not by a landslide: 3-2.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Well, Ok Then

RPI, not so great when they travel outside the friendly confines of the East Coast. The Denver trip, the Florida trip, and now we can chalk up another one in Alaska.

The lads put up a good fight but fell 3-0 in the first game before salvaging a tie in the second game. York was predictably great in both games. RPI put up 24 and 25 shots respectively in the contests but in both third periods only managed 4 shots and 2 shots.

So, despite not having flown to Alaska to see the games (which I would have loved, if I had hit the lottery), can I ask, what the heck happened in the third periods? Have we not seen similar let downs in the ultimate period by Appert's teams before? What goes on between the second and third periods to allow this to happen? Now, I am willing to give a pass since they flew all the way to Alaska for the tired legs but considering what has come before, this bears close attention going forward.

I am looking forward to another week of RPI hockey and readers of ALL genders!

Friday, October 16, 2009

Weekend Is Here!

Let's crank it up for some RPI games.

The lads are chilling in Anchorage Alaska for this weekend and will be going up against Alaskan teams who are happy not to be flying 2,000 miles just to be playing someone. If RPI doesn't mind the jet lag (and after that disastrous Colorado trip, it might be an issue) and York plays well, I think they should take both games. However, the realist in me thinks they have enough legs to win the first one and tank in the second one.

USCHO seems to be picking my brain on this and has argued the same way. Thoughts?

Rensselaer vs. Alaska-Anchorage
(Brice Alaska Gold Rush; Fairbanks, Alaska)
If the Engineers can adequately adjust to the time difference, I think they can put away the almost-home team. 3-1 RPI.

Rensselaer @ Alaska
(Brice Alaska Gold Rush; Fairbanks, Alaska)
This time, it's the actual home team making the most of an immense home-ice (not to mention home-state, home-time zone, and home-latitude) advantage. 4-1 Alaska.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ok, Ok, I have been slow

Whoops, RPI goes INTO UNH and gets a win and now I am blogging about it 5 days later? Yeesh BlackCap, what the hell is going on?

Its been a weird couple of months but I swear I am back into the swing of all things Cherry and White.

In USCHO's preseason preview, they indicated this season will hinge on "Goaltending will be a question mark to start, but things seem to be on the upswing in Troy following a disastrous ’08-09 campaign."

And certainly Rippee's York is making it happen. I mean 37 saves on 38 shots?!? Awesome start to the season. And can I just add that my favorite RPI player of the last few season, Tyler Helfrich had 2 assists? Can RPI keep this up? Well, if I can actually get some pre-game previews going again, I will answer that question tomorrie!

Friday, October 09, 2009

Now the Season Can Commence

Well, that was a little rough last night against Mass eh? Glad to see by boy Tyler get into the scoring mix early with a goal and an assist. Also, good job by the boys putting up 30 shots "for". Still, York, what is up with that save percentage my good sir? 5 goals on 26 shots?

Still, I can't get too down on the lads, its early in the season and this is Hockey East opponents after all. I am really reserving judgment until after the Alaska games.

So, I am not going to grind my teeth about tomorrow's game against UNH. I think RPI keeps it close but ultimately falls. Either way, I am glad hockey is back!

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Welcome Back!

Wow, has it really been since March since I posted? Lazy, lazy man that I am, sorry!

However, the season is now beginning. Puck drop in two days! And I am back on the RPI bandwagon.

Is this a make or break year for one particular coach? I say yes. This RPI team you will see before you is Seth's team, his recruits, his playing style. There were flashes shown of RPI's potential last season. The goaltending kept them in games their defense was actively trying to lose. York is back and now is the time to see why he was a draft pick and prized recruit. Can everything come together for a run to at least the final four of the ECAC?

The polls say no (what do they know?). USCHO has RPI 8th in the coaches, 10th in the media. Based on past performance, I can't say they are wrong initially. I think this team will be better, I think they will be faster and better scorers.

The first game occurs against UPEI. They are Canadian, can probably play hockey pretty well and will offer a good test to see how RPI is doing on O, D and in net. I really have no idea how PEI will fare but I can't wait to find out what RPI does.

Let's get it on!