Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ok, Ok, I have been slow

Whoops, RPI goes INTO UNH and gets a win and now I am blogging about it 5 days later? Yeesh BlackCap, what the hell is going on?

Its been a weird couple of months but I swear I am back into the swing of all things Cherry and White.

In USCHO's preseason preview, they indicated this season will hinge on "Goaltending will be a question mark to start, but things seem to be on the upswing in Troy following a disastrous ’08-09 campaign."

And certainly Rippee's York is making it happen. I mean 37 saves on 38 shots?!? Awesome start to the season. And can I just add that my favorite RPI player of the last few season, Tyler Helfrich had 2 assists? Can RPI keep this up? Well, if I can actually get some pre-game previews going again, I will answer that question tomorrie!

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