Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Oates Frustrated

This from the TU:

Oates fond of RPI
Former Engineer most proud of his diploma

By PETE DOUGHERTY, Staff writer Click byline for more stories by writer. First published: Tuesday, January 30, 2007
TORONTO -- Adam Oates doesn't keep many artifacts from his hockey career around his Palm Springs, Calif., home. One item he does have hanging, though, is his RPI diploma.
Oates, 44, played three seasons at the Troy school before moving on to a potential Hall of Fame pro career, which ended in 2004 with 1,420 points -- 15th on the NHL's all-time list.
"It took me four summers," said Oates, who received a degree in management. "It was very important to me. It's still one of the only things I have up on the wall of my house."
Oates was named honorary captain for this year's American Hockey League All-Star Classic, played here Monday night. His passion now is golf, but Oates, a native of Weston, Ontario, who helped RPI to the 1985 NCAA hockey championship, gets briefed on his alma mater by Dino Macaluso, a former player and his financial advisor.
"RPI is very frustrating to me," said Oates, who would like to see more of an emphasis -- especially financial -- placed on hockey. "I owe them a lot because it was an important time in my life, but I also thought I have given a lot back to the school in terms of recognition.
"You have a fantastic school that I know is an academic school, and no matter what happens, it will be an academic school. Harvard can win 10 titles in a row in every sport and it's going to be Harvard. RPI is going to be no different."
Expansion anticipated AHL president/CEO Dave Andrews said he anticipates a 29-team AHL next season, up two.
The Colorado Avalanche, which currently supply half of the Albany River Rats' roster, announced earlier this month that they will house their players in Cleveland, where a group of investors bought the dormant Utah franchise. The team will be called the Lake Erie Monsters.
The Chicago Blackhawks have agreed to move their affiliation from Norfolk to Rockford, if the Illinois city can acquire a franchise. A dormant franchise in Cincinnati is targeted. The Edmonton Oilers or Florida Panthers are possible tenants for Norfolk.
Roster retooling possible
The AHL's agreement with its players association expires Sept. 1. Andrews said the subjects of expanded game rosters (currently 17 skaters and two goalies are permitted to dress) and schedule reduction may be discussed.

Monday, January 29, 2007

A Corner Turned?

Well, needless to say I have been very pesmistic on this blog over the past few weeks as I feel RPI has not cashed in on its early season promise and slide to the back of the pack of the ECAC.

This weekend showed the grit of the lads against their Ivy League breathern with wins of 2-1 and 4-3 over Yale and Brown. Here are the game recaps via USCHO:


Orneals had 2 goals and an assist and its fair to say RPI needs him healthy along with Captain Kirk in order to make any run at all.

It seems that Appert is content on rotating the goalies. One has to think he will choose one eventually and I am all in favor of Mathias. We will see what happens- go Rippeee!

Friday, January 26, 2007

Game Time

Ok- time for another weekend. If we can't take some points off these Ivy League chumps I don't know what's what. As always, here are USCHO's predictions for the weekend:

Rensselaer @ Yale: Yale's been going in the wrong direction, while RPI might be onto something again. 4-2 Engineers.

Rensselaer @ Brown: RPI resurgence is at hand. Brown can't outscore the 'Tute in this one, 5-3 for a happy weekend in Troy.

And even more on RPI from the ECACHL's blogger:

As coach Seth Appert sees it, the Engineers have hit the floor, and are already back into a climb.
"We've made good strides the last few weeks," he said. "We hit bottom that Harvard/Dartmouth weekend [January 5-6], but we've made good strides since about halfway through the Dartmouth game."
Appert cited a serial killer as the source of the team's frustrations: consistency.
"We lacked consistency in our mental and physical efforts," he said. "The combination has been elusive at times."
But the first-year boss reassured that the killer wouldn't inflict more than a wound on his team.
"There is frustration, of course. The players want to win, the coaches want to win. But it's how you deal with that frustration ... the players chose not to break up or splinter, but stay together." Morale, he said, is solid.
With four road games in a row up ahead, the travel time may be just what the 'Tute needs. Yale and Brown this weekend will serve as hearty appetizers, while the Engineers might hope to seek a measure of redemption — at least from within themselves — with the Harvard-Dartmouth trip next weekend.
"Sometimes it's good to get on the road," Appert said, "away from the distractions. It will be some good time to spend together [as a team]."
Rensselaer is still running with Mathias Lange and Jordan Alfond alternating between the pipes. Neither is putting up All-American numbers, but Appert is content with their efforts.
"Our young defense [three freshmen, one sophomore] is sometimes leaving them in tough situations. For the most part, [the goalies] have been pretty consistent."
Senior defenseman Jake Luthi's three goals and 19 assists leads the team in points, while four different players' seven goals lead the team in that category.
"Our depth is a strength," said Appert. "We don't have, right now, that many guys that we know night to night will put points on the board. We have to score by committee, win by committee."
And with any luck, rise by committee.

Monday, January 22, 2007


Nice, get blown out in the first game and then let a lead evaporate during the freakin Feakout and settle for a tie!

Clarkson still sucks!

I am not sure what to say at this point. Maybe the team can get a late season surge going here and do something in the ECAC playoff but probably not.

On the positive front, it sounds like the recruits are coming in for RPI but no ones out of the CHL. I think Appert has start to shaking those bushes to really up the talent level.

Friday, January 19, 2007

500 Hockey Here We Come!

Sorry for not posting after the Union split last weekend but upon reading the stories and box scores it dawned on me that this is the season RPI will ahve the rest of the way 500 hockey and probably bounced in the first round. No I am not being pessimistic, I think Appert is a good coach and once he gets his players in here, this team will be a force in the ECAC.

Its just right now there are too many injuries, too many young players and too new a system to get this together for this season.

It still doesn't mean I won't be cheering for Ripeee! Here is USCHO's take on the weekend:

Clarkson @ Rensselaer: RPI dodged a major bullet in splitting with Union last weekend. Clarkson is the warm-up act to the Big Red Freakout ... will this be a big turnaround weekend or not for the 'Tute? Clarkson says no. 5-1 Knights.

St. Lawrence @ Rensselaer: If RPI loses the Freakout, I'll ... be seriously disappointed ...? Gotta pick the Engineers in front of the crazies. 4-2 RPI.

Friday, January 12, 2007

The Weekend Is Here, Time To Drink Some Beer

I have no confidence in RPI at the moment so I am going to drink a few beers and hope for the best- here, of course, is USCHO's take on the weekend:

Union @ Rensselaer: Rivalry weekend! If RPI can't win this game, their season might be — for all intents and purposes — done for. There is no way the Engineers will come out at less than 100%. Should be a heck of a fight... here's to underdog optimism, 4-2 'Tute.

Rensselaer @ Union: Heaven help me, I'm taking the home team again. Mrazek et al. split the weekend, 3-1.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

Got Smoked

Wow- that is all I can say. I mean, did the team even show up to play? The Harvard loss was bad enough but then to get housed 6-2 by the Big Freaking Green? Disappointed and stunned am I.

I thought that this weekend, when the ECAC schedule would really start heating up for RPI and would show what they could do and this is the result, I am very pessimistic for the rest of the season.

I am not sure what the fix is. Obviously Captian Kirk is pulling is weight but what is going on in goal and on D? Very discouraging results, anyone care to cheer me up?

Friday, January 05, 2007

Weekend Is Here

Ok- its Friday- time for RPI to gear up for ECAC play. We will see if they can turn around this ship or not. Of course, the weekend predictions come from

Harvard @ Rensselaer: One win in your last ten games is not good. (Lookin' at you, RPI.) At least the Engineers got five points during that stretch, or the situation could really be dire. I'm not one to dismiss my convictions before the final gun, so I'm thinking that Appert will have his charges refocused for the second half against an up-and-down Crimson side. 3-2 'Tute.

Dartmouth @ Rensselaer: Dartmouth: hungry to win, Rensselaer: not looking too convincing entering the break. I'll pick the road upset in this one as the Visitors get a much-needed midseason insurance point. 2-1 Green.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

We Are Not Elite

I use "we" in the royal sense of course but man did RPI NOT show up this weekend in Vt. It was a good litmus test playing against one of the top teams in the country and then against a ECAC foe and RPI did not show up in either game. I think Lange is the answer in goal but I don't think this is RPI's year. Hopefully Appert will get the recuits in here to play well in his system.

Of course, its not all RPI's fault. There are 2 major cogs still injured and the team only recently got back Capitain Kirk. Still, I am not holding my breath as RPI really gets into the meat of their ECAC season this weekend.