Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Split?

I can accept a lot of things about my life. I can accept the fact that I am good looking. That people want to fly me on their private jets everywhere. That I live in a place that is perpetually sunny and in the 70s.

What I am having difficultly understanding is how a team that is as talented as RPI has been over the last two seasons CONSISTENTLY be a .500 team. It gets to the point where you want them to win the weekend, they NEED to win the weekend but man, they just lose that Friday night game and that is that.

I really believe the ECAC is there for the taking. If you said that a team had a top league scorer and the best goaltender, you would think that team would be tops of the table. Instead it is a constant split weekend, split months and ultimately not a good position for the ECAC playoffs.

I remain hopeful though. Things slow down after the holiday tourneys and then the real meat of the ECAC schedule takes hold and we will see what's what for RPI this season. Until then, I will accept RPI is a .500 team in the ECAC until they prove me wrong.

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