Monday, November 08, 2010

Buy Me A Powerball Ticket

For some crazy reason, RPI is pretty much tracking along my predictions each week. 1-1 this weekend, killing D, losing to H? Yea I think I nailed it. What is apparent is that SA better do everything he possibly can to convince York to stick around for the next two years. He keeps the Cherry and White in the game and very rarely lets other teams back in once RPI's offense is clicking.

I think with the season in full swing, we will see RPI break out of the .500 blues this season and maybe get it up to .666 (DEVIL!) this season. With Tyler assisting, Chase scoring and York backstopping, I think the team has a legit chance to be in the top 4 of the league this year. One thing I would like to see if the scoring be more consistent. 4 goals 1 game and NONE the second game? York will keep them in it, just get a few more goals lads!

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