Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Holiday, Holiday, Holiday, Holiday

Happy Turkey Day to everyone out there in Cherry and White land! Can't wait to listen to the Holiday Tourney on the Interwebs as RPI some questionable teams again. It has been awhile since RPI has actually won the tourney but hope spring eternal!

I just stumbled across this new RPI Hockey blog which I thought I would turn you guys onto. They say hockey is a religion well this guy takes it to new heights.

I particularly like this second commandment:


Thou shalt respect thy idol, Father Puckman

For the tourney, I see RPI beating Conn in the semifinal and then losing to BGSU in the final. Whatever the results, I hope you have lots of turkey and lots of good family memories!

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First Church of said...

Thanks for the First Church shoutout! But predicting us to lose to Bowling Green in the final? Have a bit more faith - this team has no quit in them!