Thursday, November 11, 2010


What makes for a good rivalry? Certainly the function of geography helps. "Cross town", "subway series" and other catchphrases belies the fact that if you are in the same town, county or even sometimes state you have fanbases ready to state why they are best.

History also plays a part. Is one team the new kid on the block? Have there been missed calls or terrible puck bounces that stick with the fans forever?

Finally, who do the fans look to as their rival? One of the most interesting thought exercises is to ask "who is your top rival?" between Sabres, Leafs, Sens and Habs fans. Often, who you look to as a rival is big kid/small kid syndrome due to location and history.

Well, RPI has this in spades with Union and this weekend, the travel partners become bitter enemies in back to back games. As an RPI fan, I can say my dislike for Union comes mostly from location as well the history of the 2 programs. RPI, long standing program, 2 time national champ with multiple NHL players. Union, seems like they were formed yesterday, have done slightly better over the last 10 years and really, their uniforms are terrible. Factor that all in and I want RPI to stomp all over them this weekend.

I don't want RPI to be a .500 team (an ENTERTAINING .500 team but still) and it all starts this weekend. I think York leading the way, hopefully stomps all over em. Let's go Cherry And White!

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