Sunday, November 28, 2010

200th Post- RPI Holiday Win?

It has been a crazy couple of years here at RPI Hockey. Blogspot. Com. I have posted my musings on the Cherry and White and have been linked on many RPI blogs and College hockey blogs, for which I am truly thankful. I am just a fan who wants the lads to do well and it seems like y'all out there agree!

And what a better way to celebrate 200 posts then to talk about RPI ACTUALLY WINNING THEIR OWN TOURNAMENT FOR THE FIRST TIME IN LIKE 700 YEARS!!!! It was also a real up and down tourney with RPI scoring 9 but giving up 7. It is nice to know that if the D gives up easy ones (like the last BG goal in regulation) or York is off, the O can pick it up and actually win shootouts. I think the key to this team starts in net but it bodes well for the second half of the season if the O can pick up the slack when needed.

Also, congrats to Tyler who had two goals over the weekend. Of course, Brutlag was the real MVP amassing 2 goals and one assist but more importantly a goal when it counted, for the freakin' win! Go Red, go White!

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