Friday, November 19, 2010

No Hockey? What To Do.

Well the lads in Cherry and White are taking a week off. The next games will be after Turkey Day for the annual Holiday Tournament. I had many a mug from the Holiday Tourneys of old but as I believe I have documented on here, no mugs this time!

This will be my first HT that I have missed in awhile. I usually tried to make the first RPI game but now I will have to listen from afar. Still, what to do with the downtime?

I Think I Will

1) Start cutting out felt letters and numbers for an eventual champeenship on my mini-replica National Championship banner.
2) Create a Paypal account and website to help pay the fines SA receives for speaking his mind.
3) Polish the old vuvuzela that was used in 80s freakouts before the World Cup came along.
4) Light a candle of thanks for Jason Moy and his brilliant USCHO website.

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