Friday, January 30, 2009


The only game on the sched is tonight at the Big Green. They have a surprisingly similar record home and away 5-3-1. 7-4-1 overall in the ECAC. 4th in the ECAC. All of these stats have "loss" written all over them but I think RPI is getting on a roll now. Its their only game for the next week and I think Appert will have the troops frothing at the mouth for this one.

Of course, as I said in the last column and sort of hinted at in previous columns, as goes the offense, so goes RPI. This is a team that cannot win a 2-1 game. Lange is good but his D in front of him is not. RPI really needs to score 4-5 goals to have a chance of winning the game and not imploding in the 3rd period. Will the youngin's step up? Will they go all out for 60 minutes? I think the answer is yes.

USCHO projects them losing 4-3 but I think if RPI can get 3 they have a good shot at a win.

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