Monday, January 26, 2009

.500 Here We Come!

Well RPI has righted the ship. Of course, in this sense, "righted" means the cherry and white are playing .500 hockey instead of getting blown out every weekend.

Expectations were mixed for me going into this season. Clearly there was talent on this team looking at it pre-Christmas break in 2007 and they promptly fell off the face of the map in all of 2008.

And yet,

Here they are at the start of 2009 they are 3-4-1. Not hugely impressive but much much better then their 1-6-0 November. We have to come to grips with the fact that .500 is about as good as RPI gets this year. Still, there are positive signs that this program is going in the right direction.

Exhibit 1 is clearly the 7-6 OT win over SLU, coming back from 5-3 in the third to take a 6-5 win. Polacek had 2 goals, the AG brothers had a great night and Tyler chipped in with an assist. All of these guys just mentioned are young. Very young. So you can possibly see good results next season from this core of scoring players (when is the last time you heard that in relation to RPI?, probably not since the CEO line).

The Clarkson game was another OT affair but sadly RPI was on the losing end of this one. Tyler got a goal and an assist and kudos to Appert for starting Lange 2 games in a row again. I really think consistency in net is as important as anything else and you can't get that with a constant rotation (no matter how much upside York has).

Next weekend just one game at Dartmouth. Let's see if we can't get it to 4 wins in January.

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