Friday, January 23, 2009

North Country Preview

Ahh Upstate New York. The general term for folks living there and used by anyone in Manhattan referring to the area North of Westchester. We Upstaters know the differences though. Western New York, The Southern Tier, Central New York, Capital District and then the North Country (or Adirondacks or whatever else you would like to term it).

This weekend, the boys from the Capital District travel north to the North Country to play SLU and Clarkson (1 minute to go and they STILL suck!). Both teams are below RPI in the current ECAC standings ( and with Union 1 point ahead of RPI, RPI could really make a movement in the standings with 2 wins this weekend. When isn't that the case but still, some separation would be nice.

I think the team can do it. Appert has them playing at least at a competitive ECAC level so I full expect 2 wins this weekend. With Lange being trusted to start back to back games last weekend, I fully expect Appert to do the same this weekend. Of course, if the team plays really well on Friday night, maybe look for York against the weaker Clarkson on Saturday.

This could be the weekend RPI starts to chart a different story in the ECAC this season and I expect them to come through. You?

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