Monday, January 12, 2009

Finally a Winning Weekend!

1-0-1 is what the weekend scoreboard will say but really, it means much more to the RPI program. Too often this season and the second half of last season was 0-2-0 or 0-1-1. Hardly a way to climb up the standings in the ECAC and reestablish the RPI program which has been downtrodden for far too long (not a small task for Appert, admittedly).

RPI once again started out both games on fire. This time, they came away with a tie and win! They outshot the Q 9-7 in the first, and despite the letdown in the third (when have we heard that before), RPI managed to skate away with a tie. The next night in Jersey (my home hood), they put the hurt on Princeton 5-1. Once again, strong first outshooting their opponent 11-8.

One really has to talk about the play of Alex AG. This guy has been simply on fire over the last 6 games. Is this finally the indication that Appert can recruit for RPI successfully? Huge fan of Tyler (as people who read this blog know) but Alex AG has come out of nowhere in the first 10 games to really set the world on fire with scoring not just assists (which seems to be TH's provence).

Next weekend is the big test to see if RPI can come full circle this season and get back on the winning side. Colgate and Cornell await (thankfully in the confines of HFH) and we can see if the young guns can actually make it happen 2 weekends in a row.

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stephan said...

I saw the RPI-Princeton game, also Princeton vs Union the night before.
I sure was not expecting much, but RPI looked very good, which makes me wonder why they have been so bad. One clue was their powerplay - it was pretty weak. That needs to get better. Defensive execution also was sloppy at points, not terrible but could use work. Speed was excellent, RPI moved the puck well, and got plenty of chances.

Princeton did not look to me like a top ten nationally team either night though (a good team yes, top ten no) and it was their backup goalie, so do not read too much into it, but the result certainly was encouraging.

Of the three teams I saw that weekend, RPI looked the best, with Union and Princeton being close behind...