Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Another Promising Weekend

Well, 1-1 verus the C schools was pretty respectable. They certainly brought it against Colgate and well Cornell is ranked 5th in the country, what do you expect?

I have no comment on the end of game shennanigoats as I did not see the game and I only know from what I have read on the email chains. All I can say is that things happen in hockey, it can be a chippy sport. However the game ended, you should do the handshake. These kids (despite several being drafted) aren't pros yet. Let's make sure a sense of sportsmanship remains!

Once again, AG did some scoring and I was glad to see my boy Tyler back into the score sheet with 2 assists in the Gate game. Lange got it done again and only let in power play goals. RPI was once again 1-7 on the powerplay. They were also 0-5 on the power play against Cornell on Sat night.

For whatever reason, Appert has saved this season from complete failure. The question remains, can he get them back into the upper tier orbits of the ECAC? Can RPI actually have home games for the ECAC playoffs? Can this team, as young as it is, position itself for a hell of a run at the end of this year and next season? Only time will tell.

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