Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Well, That Happened!

Amazing, RPI goes out and kicks butt for 2 straight games last weekend earning 4 points! They also earn a top 10 spot in USCHO. Now, having followed this team as long as I have, do I think they deserve such a high ranking, probably not but if it helps get them into the NCAA's as an at large, I am all for it.

Actually I really don't care if they deserve it or not, they won 2 games last weekend, Chase, Tyler and Allen and playing great and I will take anything that gets the Cherry and White back into national prominence.

This program has such a great history both with its championships and NHL players that it is a shame they aren't mentioned with the Michigans, Minnesotas, etc. of the NCAA. I blame most of that on Fridgen of course but now I think SA is recruiting to really turn this program around and any attention they get on the national level can only increase that. Plus, hearing about all these prospects coming in next season gives one hope that D'Amigo and Pirri were not one year recruiting wonders.

This weekend is HUGE with Brown and Yale coming into Houston FH for a little thing called THE BIG RED FREAKOUT. Of course, I will offer a full breakdown of the weekend in a few days but I think the thing to concentrate on for the lads right now is 4. 4 meaning the top 4 in the ECAC and an automatic bye in the first round and home ice advantage for the remainder of the playoffs. given the ECAC's playoff system, home ice is crucial and RPI has been hurt in recent years when they have not obtained that level within the ECAC standings.

Right now they sit 5th in the ECAC but only one point behind Princeton and Dartmouth. Another weekend sweep should get them past those 2 as Dartmouth welcomes the CC schools and might be looking at a split and Princeton only has one game this weekend.

I have been overjoyed and disappointed by RPI this year but now I am rounding the bend to OVERLY excited about the last few weeks of the season. I am sure the lads will come through fine but as always, I will cheer em on! Go Red, Go White!

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