Sunday, January 30, 2011


And we have liftoff to the RPI season! After an impressive non-conference record and a middling at best run through the ECAC, RPI has hit its stride at home in a big way with an impressive win against Brown and then an unbelievable win over Yale.

Unbelievable because RPI was outshot, outplayed and outhustled by Yale but ONLY because of one Mr. Allen York was the game still close and RPI made their shots count. Seemingly at the beginning of the third period, RPI's sparse shots each went in and RPI built an insurmountable lead. I can't wait to see the replay on RPITV!

So where does that leave us after this weekend? I didn't think I would be typing this "out loud" but it is entirely possible that RPI actually makes it into the NCAA tourney despite what happens in the ECAC playoffs. This state of affairs is almost wholly unknown to me. I was just a little guy during the Addesa/Powers era and since Fridgen only rode their coattails for the first season, it has been basically a downhill slide for the bulk of my RPI fandom. A turnaround of this magnitude is almost too crazy to contemplate. But contemplate I WILL and using Withoutapeer's fabulous artwork, I am drafting each and every one of you who come to this blog to GET PUMPED. We need you to support the Cherry And White!


wschmrdr said...

Sadly, you probably won't see the replay on RPI-TV because the game was televised by Time Warner. I would recommend asking them about any programming archive areas they have.

ADKinLA said...

Thanks for the heads up and the comment!