Friday, January 14, 2011

C Is For Chill

While typically over the last few years in the ECAC, Ivy teams have been the ones to advance to the NCAA tourney (specifically Yale and Harvard). However, the teams I have always felt have given RPI much problems have been the C schools, Cornell and Colgate. Especially when RPI travels to central New York to play them.

No matter how well RPI is playing at the time, they just seem to disappear into the black hole that is "gorges".

This year, even though I have been beating the drumbeat of .500 despite RPI's overall record and despite this seemingly historical ineptitude against the C's, I think RPI really has a shot this weekend to beat both schools. Having looked up the 2010 results for the C's, its clear that it is a down year for both programs. They are just not the same dynamos that we have come to expect.

Therefore, this weekend I am chilling out on RPI's ECAC prospects and thinking they will rise up and win the weekend. I think Cornell will be close, maybe 2-1 or so and then RPI will turn on the afterburners on Colgate and win 5-0.

Can't wait to hear all the action tonight on WRPI although when tuning in last weekend, there was a noticeable drop off in the color commentary. I realize students and people with passion have done the games over the years and I am glad there are people to do it and they are not professionals so much slack on my end (having done color for my college's D3 hockey team, I know it is tough). Still, RPI prides itself on being as damn close to a professional radio station as you can get (much like Emerson College radio in Boston) and RPI has always enjoyed quality hockey announcers as a subset of that quality so hopefully the announcing team gets solidified in the coming weeks for the playoff push.

No matter who is in the booth, I can't wait to hear the call and cheer on the lads!

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