Friday, January 28, 2011

Biiiiiiiig Weekend

So, are we PUMPED in RPI-land or what? RPI has destiny laid out before it quite clearly. 10th in the country, #5 in the ECAC with the possibility of moving up to #3 after this weekend. BIG RED FREAKOUT this weekend, the weekend most alumns and students and us third party partisan supporters look forward to more than any other on the calendar.

RPI has been in positions similar to this in the past but not quite. Before, it was home ice advantage which the fans were clamoring over. Now, its possible berths in the NCAA tourney which, given how most of the ECAC season has played out, is a BIG turnaround and very welcomed to contemplate.

So where does that leave us with this weekend's games? Momentum is a fickle mistress. Tough to obtain but once you are on it, who boy watch out. So, was last weekend where RPI played a good but tight first game and then steamrolled in the second, translate into a sweep weekend now? I really hope the answer is yes. I think the answer is yes. Certainly, if RPI is going to beat Yale, it will be on a 3 game home win-streak on Freakout night. Give all those variables, I am predicting sweep and a great result for the lads. Go Red, Go White!

Of course, as always, below are USCHO's picks.

Brown at Rensselaer — 7:00

This could be a big trap game for RPI, in advance of Yale and the Big Red Freakout! Will Bruno be up for stealing a game? If goalie Mike Clemente stays hot (two goals against in each of his last three games, 85 saves combined), my money’s on the road team... even if the hosts are 10–1–0 at home this year. No, I’m kidding. Sure, Brown could certainly win, but 10–1–0? Seriously? Yeah, RPI in a squeaker, 3–2.

Yale at Rensselaer — 7:00

Freakout! or no Freakout!, RPI always plays Yale tough. Will it be tough enough to hand the Bulldogs their third loss of the year, and second in two weeks? Eeehhhhh... no. I think the Blue is a title contender, and true contenders learn from past mistakes: There will be no Brown sequel. 4–3 Yale.

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