Saturday, January 08, 2011

North Country Conundrum

What is it about the NC teams that give RPI such fits? Every year, when RPI travels to the Northern reaches of New York or they come to the Houston Field House, RPI never seems to be able to do well, much less sweep the teams for needed points.

Last night was no exception. RPI, needing to charge through the ECAC to secure home ice and a sense of confidence going into the playoffs were stymied by Clarkson (who at 1 minute after 9:10am still sucks) last night and lost 3-2. There was basically no defense played as each team had over 30 shots. However, when it counted in overtime, Clarkson had 4, RPI 0.

The infuriating part about RPI hockey over the last couple of seasons is that their path to glory has been in their ECAC tinged hands. If they had been better than .500 in the ECAC over the last few seasons, home ice advantage, possible deeper playoff pushes and possibly better results. Instead, they muddle through at .500 in the ECAC, don't get home ice and then are bounced.

I am not saying this will happen this year but certainly after a great November and December, a loss is typical and a bit disheartening. Still, always cheer on the lads in cherry and white for tonight's game!

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