Monday, November 12, 2007

We Are Who We Thought They Were

To borrow a quote from Dennis Green. Well, the weekend, went pretty much as expected. RPI, shutout by a superior Harvard team and then (with Appert lighting a fire under them) destroyed Dartmouth 7-4.

TH had 2 assists in the game which, of course, I have to note.

So where does this weekend leave RPI? Its early in the season. We have seen them beat up on the weaklings of the college scene, run out of gas against the top programs and have third period problems against the middle of the pack teams. I guess what this suggests is that RPI will be in the middle of the pack in the ECAC and battling for home ice advantage come playoff team.

I do think they have the talent to be in the final four for the ECAC tourney in Albany. Let me know your thoughts about the weekend and the future in the comments section. Go RPI!


drink said...

The seven goals at Dartmouth this past weekend almost doubles our goal total for the past 8 games. The PP made a showing and the puck is finding a home in the net.

We are far from fixed but the boys have to feel good about lighting up DC, who has had our number for sometime. Apppert said he tried to avoid thinking about that in preparing for the game, but now its happened and we should build on it. Unfortunately, we have a week off before the holiday tourney so that momentum might dwindle before then.

As far as making the final four here in Albany, any normal year I'd probably agree that we aren't quite ready. But I challenge you, given what has gone on thus far in the ECAC, to tell me the four who will be there.

BlackCapricorn said...

I think Clarkson (still sucks!), Cornell and Harvard could make up 3 of the 4 and I think RPI has a good shot to be in it as well. I don't think they will get an at-large, they will need to win the ECAC but the season is still young and I have faith- Go Red!

drink said...

Clarkson looks just as sharp as everyone thought they'd be.

Harvard is really strong, Richter is playing great and they are putting points on the board.

Although, atleast for now, I see a top 4 easily possible. Cornell can easily fall into a slump from here. There goalie is sharp around .92-.93 but all their top points guys are underclassmen (w/ several freshmen). If those inexperienced guys start to breakdown then I can see Cornell slipping deep into the standings come next Feb.

As for the rest of the pack, no one, as well as RPI, has distingushed themselves yet so its a waiitng game now. We need to go out and get our points while they are to be gotten.

If you haven't seen yet, RPI moved up one in the USCHO/CSTV to #15