Friday, November 16, 2007

Cold Enough For Ya?

Looking up the weather for the Capital District has me lacing up the boots. Seriously, 29 degrees is the low tonight? Makes me glad I am living in the temperate NYC area. I will be up there next weekend for Turkey Day and hopefully catching a few games but this cold weather has me thinking hockey and has me thinking about this weekend.

More specifically, how can RPI be idle this weekend? I can't remember the last time they had a weekend off during the ECAC swing of the schedule. It leaves a little less meat on the bone for the blog and my weekend options.

So question, who is going to the Holiday tourney next weekend? Does Turkey Day inhibit your RPI watching? How many of those travel mugs do you have? I must have 3-5 collected over the years. I look forward to this tourney a lot and can't wait to see the Cherry and White skate American International and probably get beat bad by Notre Dame. Have a good weekend!

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drink said...

I'm not a fan of the break. One can make the arguement that they can use these two weeks to correct whats broken, however, the offensive explosion we saw last saturday will be, in my opinion, completely washed out in the idleness. We'll need everything we have to stay in it with Notre Dame so I'm happy to see that Kennedy will be making his return.

On the note of off time. Right before we host Miami in a few weeks (that's right #1 ranked and still #1 after a sweep of Michigan State this weekned) we have another light weekend hosting just Harvard for Friday game. We'll see what time off can do for us this coming weekend.

BlackCapricorn, don't be so cynical. We held our own in the Icebreaker and Notre Dame is not nearly the force they were last year.