Monday, November 05, 2007

Ummmm, what?

2 ties? Ties against teams RPI should beat? From what I heard, Yale out skated RPI and with Brown- once again there were third period problems in allowing them to come back. A "T" is not an "L" but what does this say about how RPI will fare against the rest of the ECAC? Anyone there at the games care to comment?


drink said...

I was out of town and thus couldn't attend the games. After Friday I found the silver lining by saying "Hey, good teams find ways to get points even if its a tie." And after saturday I had nothing. We had the game and gave it away.
I am curious to see who was lacking and in what departments (besides PP, I think we are going for some sort of record). This is right about were we were last year before the "Great Breakdown of 06-07."
To me the the defense is doing a great job, some stupid penalties here and there but more or less solid. The goaltending is good. It goes without saying that I think we need to pick one (Alford) but if it ain't broke don't fix it.
Where we need to improve is on the attack. In college hockey, two goals a game isn't good enough. The only reason why we've had so much success is the D and tending as mentioned above. All I hear is players and coaches saying that it'll turn around and so on. with 9 games in the books, and no improvement, maybe a new strategy needs to be thought up. Perhaps its a little early for an overhaul, but once we get into the meat of our league schedule, 2 goals a game won't cut it, not even close.

BlackCapricorn said...

Drink- its true, I was thinking this was shades of last year as well. Fast out of the gate and then a big time stumble.

The team certainly seems fast enough but in the games I watched there was a lack of "noses for the net". Lots of blind passes to the middle with either no one there or too much coverage or weak shots from the side. Perhaps better quality shots can increase the scoring.

It will be interesting to see how a road trip through New England next weekend effects the team. Either there will be red lights flashing over next weekend or we can say they are for real.

ichiban said...

I have to totally agree with you two. The defense and goaltending have been solid (with the exception of sat night late). They have no true goal scorers, but a mix of the same players on offense.
I watched both games on the B2 network while i was working so i wasn't able to attend at Houston but you could sense a lack of killer instinct. If the defense ha a bad game or a couple of slip ups it could get ugly against anyone in the ECAC because we can't score. I know i do't have to mention the power play and how bad t is, but can anyone tell me why there are 3 players behind the net all the time and no one attacking the net. Maybe they have to mix it up on the powerplay.
I think the young guys on the team have played welli don't see a repeat of last year so lets not put the whammy on the season just yet

drink said...

BlackCapricorn I agreed. Their is a lot more creativity this year on the offensive side on things. To the point where it's getting a little too fancy. Let's put some good hard shots on net and fight for some rebounds then we can work on making the highlight reel. This weekend will be the test. We let fts get away this last weekend. If we are for real this year, this weekend needs to show it.

Also, ichiban brings up a good point. The freshmen are playing well and pulling some serious ice time. The one thing I am getting sick of hearing is how the power play is suffering because we have young/unexperienced guys running the PP. If guys like Brutlag can't score on the PP then they shouldn't be running it.

ichiban could you shed some light on what happened in the last miuntes of the Brown game alst Saturday. Where we broke down?

Peter Venkman said...

Being a season-ticket holder, I was at both games...

The friday game assumptions are correct, we were lucky to escape with a tie. Uryadov's game misconduct in the first 10 min of the game sort of put the hurt on a big piece of attacking offense. However, that being said, i think the freshman are quality hockey players with excellent skills. They are however, what are called "pass first" players. They arent shooting forwards. We need more shooting.

Saturday, all you can do is blame the defense. They have been stellar all year so far, but they really dropped the ball on this one. Brown had an extra attacker and when the goal was scored there were 3 brownies sitting around the crease waiting for the puck and not a red/white jersey anywhere in the vicinity. Alford really didnt have much chance.
As for the "choose one goalie" theories, I am in the rotating camp. Both tenders are having great years and have matured into excellent anticipating goaltenders.

drink said...


Obviously the numbers are in favor of the rotation now, but when do we pick one? Appert says he'll pick one when one steps up. But I'd rather see one take control this season if things turn south for the collective pair. Last year he rotated both throughout and I think that when they start to slump (which is inevitable for any team, good players and teams just know how to minimize it) the extra play and momentum from game to game can correct some errors.

For now lets keep the two headed monster playing, this weekend will be a good test.

ichiban said...

I would have to agree with Peter about the brown game about the defense dropping the ball late when brown had the extra attacker. Being a season ticket holder myself i will have the chance to see a lot more games. From what i have seen on B2 and at the Times Union Center so far it looks as if our guys are gassed late in games