Monday, November 26, 2007

This Weekend

Well, first off, I have to say it was an amazing experience to be back at the HFH for last weekend's tilt. Its always great to be somewhere with a lot of people wearing the cherry and white. Check out my pics!

As for the games, well for Friday's contest, there was good and bad. The good definitely came in the form of numbers. Particularly 23, 27, 9 and 15. The speed on offense was explosive and while the passing wasn't quite there, the crashing the net was great.

The negative is that the defense was too slow. AIC's forwards were beating the RPI D ALL THE TIME and getting quality breakaways they had no business getting. This could be solved by having the fast forwards backcheck which they weren't doing. There is no way RPI should have a tie in the books from that game.

Saturday's game, what can you say? In what was basically a repeat of the Minnesota game, get out way ahead and have the other team come roaring back. What is it about top tier teams and RPI running out of gas? Clearly I think RPI has the horses to run in the ECAC but can only truly muster 2 periods against the upper echelon.

What were your thoughts of the game? Let me know in the comments!

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