Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Black Friday Cometh

Today is Wednesday but it is Halloween and appropriate kickoff to Black Friday at the Field House. Since I live in the NYC area, I have never gone to this event (much less have been able to bid on a jersey which is now becoming much coveted in my household). Its great that a program like RPI with so many traditions (Freakout) and cheers (revolving around the word "suck") can start a new one and have it become an instant classic. I think the dimensions of the HFH help with this. It is a smallish arena and has a real intimate feel to it and when you pump up the crowd with hockey + something else, it usually leads to a special event. I remember as a kid getting those red noise horns every year to cheer on the Cherry and White. It will be an experience that sticks with me before I go senile and I think Black Friday has the same potential.

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Nicholas said...

Actually, the Field House is the *biggest* arena in the ECAC, although several Hockey East schools and most of the western schools have bigger arenas. Maybe it feels small if you're comparing it to MSG. :)

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