Friday, October 26, 2007

G Cup

First of all I would like to say hello to the few commentators that have visited this site recently. I have been out and about the last few weeks but will start posting here more regularly.

As for last week's games, RPI SHOULD have won those games and did. I think Appert is finally getting the horses he needs through his great recruiting skills to implement a plan of attack that should take RPI deep into the post season over the next few years.

In terms of the goalie situation as a few commentators pointed out, you can go back to previous posts but I have never been in favor of a rotation of goalies. I personally think you should stick with one and go with it. I have always been a supporter of Lange over Alford due to his rookie year but at this point I am willing to say JUST PICK ONE!

Below are USCHO's picks for the weekend. I will be up in Albany for the Cup and can't wait. I am also looking into getting Helfrich on my Puckman jersey but probably won't get it in time. I am not worried about the Union matchup but if they play SLU I think they may lose. It will be a good early season test for RPI with some solid conference rivals.

Rensselaer vs Union (nc, Governor's Cup)
Rensselaer played well at Minnesota and did away with Army and Sacred Heart last weekend. Union hasn't played an NCAA game in two weeks, and may be a bit rusty. 4-2 'Tute. Shrader: RPI

St. Lawrence vs Rensselaer (nc, Governor's Cup championship)
To reiterate, SLU = favorites. My job = predict probable victor. Favorite = probable winner. Saints, 3-2. Shrader: RPI

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drink said...

I couldn't agree more with your stance on goalie. I guess I'll never understand college hockey. Lange put up phenominal numbers against Army with 39 saves and one goal against. I'm not knocking Alford who pitched his second shutout of the season (26 saves), but how can you replace a goalie who is on fire on Friday night, for another on Saturday.
I likewise found myself backing Lange after his freshmen season only to be let down last year as he quickly turned to the weaker of the pair. I'll support whoever the one ends up being (although despite last weekend I'm voting Alford) but there needs to be one.
I likewise am not concerned with Union, which scares me after the stint we've had lately. For the championship game, we didn't play well agaisnt either team last year. SLU should be the best team there according to the experts but I find it hard to believe that if we play reminiscent of the IceBreaker, we'll take it and the experts will start to come around.