Monday, October 29, 2007

G Cup Reviewed

Here I am, back fresh from Albany. What a weekend! RPI continues undefeated in G Cup play! And their PP and PK continue to be awful! They are tremendous in person with team speed and creativity. They are terrible in non 5-on-5 situations. Appert was yapping at the refs, Lange and Alford both played well, TH padded the stats but looked a little out of it from my vantage point. Good to see Ornelas play well without benefit of the CEO line. Uryadov creates lots of chances. Is it just me or does RPI have a great collection of international talent for a college program. I mean, St. Petersburg, Klagenfrut and Boca Raton. Craziness. I hope you enjoy the pics!

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drink said...

Number 17 has a nice ring to it. I just want this Gov's Cup to be a jumping off point and not a peak on our way to four big league points this weekend.
What sounds better than 17? How about .964 save %. They both earned the W so the battle continues, but 3-1-0 with 3 shutouts does make a convincing arguement.