Friday, October 19, 2007

This Weekend's Contests

Summaries by Brian Sullivan by USCHO:

Rensselaer @ Army
The Engineers put on a good show at Minnesota, regardless of the results. This weekend, the effort should be rewarded on the scoreboard. 4-1 RPI.

Sacred Heart @ Rensselaer
The Engineers hit Houston once more, hosting Sacred Heart and looking for the four-point weekend. SHU is no pushover, and RPI will have its hands full ... but the win is still there for the taking, 5-3.

He's right, this should be a 4 point weekend. Hopefully, RPI can stay out of the box and my boy Tyler can keep adding to his point totals!

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drink said...

Both of these games should be wins, but then again that's what I thought about a lot of games last season. I like what I'm seeing so far, 1-2 or not they are playing faster and smarter, hitting harder, and creating more offensive chances.
It seems the only uncertainty from game to game is who will be between the pipes. I like them both, they both have there own style of play and both of there own drawbacks as well as advantages. I won't try to tell Appert what to do about the goalie situation, being that he played the position in college and coached a couple phenoms out in Denver, but I am still not sold on the two goalie system.
A two headed running game might work in football but I still can't see the benefit of switching keepers every game. I feel like it would be better to get one of them comfortable playing in live game situations tather than switching them and kill whatever momentum they might be building.