Tuesday, February 02, 2010

What A Weird Weekend!

Against Brown, RPI's defense blows up and let's in terrible goals. Then the O comes storming back in the third to force OT. THEN the lads lose it.

Only to blow out league leading Yale the next day 4-0 with a huge shutout from York (which I intimated he needed to do [pats back])???

I have been watching RPI hockey for awhile and I can't think of a weirder way to get 3 points then the lads did this weekend.

Of course, I thought it should be 4 points and the fact that it wasn't remains one of the frustrations of the state of RPI hockey today. They need to get home rink advantage for the playoffs. 3 points help and the offensive display this weekend make me think that a Top 4 finish is possible.

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