Thursday, February 11, 2010

#5 With A Bullet!

RPI is one point in back of St. Lawrence for the 4th spot in the ECAC. Of course, the Saints have a game in hand over RPI but I am not worried. The Saints next 4 games are against Quinnipiac, Princeton, Yale and Brown. Those 4 teams have a combined ECAC record of 29-29-6. RPI faces ECAC squads over the next two weekends with a combined ECAC record of 24-35-5. Certainly worse records, easier strength of schedule, RPI, should vault over the Saints to take 4th place in the ECAC.

Why is this important? The top four seeds receive byes in the first round. Plus home ice advantage, all of which can be advantageous to the lads in Cherry and White.

As for this weekend, I fully expect RPI to sweep Harvard and Dartmouth. Of course, based on past precedent, RPI will come away with 3 points. Go Rippeeee!

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