Friday, November 27, 2009

In town, Ready To Rumble

Ahh the holidays. They bring you back to the place you grew up. You know the streets even if you don't know their names any more.

Soon my car will start winding its way up the hills of Troy in the familiar back alley ways to get to the Houston Field House so I can see RPI take on Bentley tonight. I will be rooting for the boys hard.

And I am looking forward to the traditions. The Seive chant. The Clarkson still sucks chant. The band. The holiday Tourney. Will they bring back the mugs this year? I certainly hope so. I think the last one I have is from 95 and its looking a little decrepit!

In any event, I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving and go RPI (BTW- I predict a sweep this weekend, a weak, weak field).

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Steven said...

I think you got some payback for your comment about the weak weak opposition in last weekend's tournament. There is more parity in college hockey now, maybe you've noticed. YOu can do and say what you want, it's your blog but you might want to try a little respect with all opponents.