Tuesday, December 01, 2009


Well it was great to get back to Upstate and to Troy to see the lads donning the Cherry and White to play. I have to say, I was impressed by the team speed and the passing. They could certainly skate circles around Bentley. Also a big positive was Tyler back into the lineup. He was a noticeable addition with his crisp passing.

I was less than impressed at the Union outing. Down 3-0, the lads rallied back hard in the third period but what happened in period 2? You are down by 3 and you manage 9 shots (1 for a goal)? Maybe it was due to the back to back nature of the games but Union is RPI's (in my mind) hated enemy, how do you not get up for that game?

The positive is that they did score 4 goals in a losing effort. Too many times over the last few years were we treated to a scoring deficit win or lose. At least when they lose, they go all in scoring wise.

Much turkey was eaten, much RPI was watched, who could ask for a better weekend?

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