Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Split?

What exactly happened this weekend in the North Country? Friday night went much like RPI's recent contests. AAG had a big night. York, great save percentage. RPI, a let up in the third (outshot by 9) but still managed a goal.

And then....

Blamo against SLU? I didn't listen to the game but just check out the box score:

21 shots against in the second period? 2 goals allowed on 11 shots in the third? Did the team just suddenly run out of gas? I mean, its entirely possible. These are college kids after all. We can't expect the same conditioning out of them as the pros but clearly they hit the wall. And once again, no response in the third period. RPI registered 4 shots (14 in total). Was SLU's defense that good?

Its not all bad though, a split is a split is a split. Currently RPI is tied for third in the league. Quite a good start all things considered. Still, we here at RPI Hockey. Blogspot,. Com will be monitoring this third period situation all season.

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