Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Trouble With A Capital T

6-0. Six to Nil. Seis a Cero.

No matter how you write it, it doesn't change the fact that RPI got blown out of the building last night. They allowed 20 shots on goal IN THE FIRST PERIOD and Lange somehow managed to stop 18 of em. I didn't listen to the game but he must have been standing on his head.

Where is the defense? Is anyone hitting? Blocking shots? Clearing pucks?

The offense? Not much better. Did not crack 10 shots once in a period and was 0-3 on the powerplay.

The problem with scheduling tough opponents to start the season is that if you get blown out or constantly lose, the team runs the risk of being demoralized. You saw it last year when RPI started off hot, then played nothing but Top 16 caliber teams, lost a bunch of games in the third period and where so beaten down that their ECAC run starting January on was terrible.

The USCHO message boards seem to point to a lack of effort in this game and games like Bentley. Does this point to Appert being a better recruiter than coach? Depending on how this season goes, I think its a legitimate question to ask. In any event, a shorter leash is required than his predacessor.

Check out another prospective about the "rut" we are in:

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