Monday, October 20, 2008

Mathias Stands Tall But...

41 shots against and only 1 goal allowed. That definitely says something about RPI goaltender Mathias Lange. Sure, RPI lost 1-0 in a worrying lack of offense again but damn! Stopping 40 of 41 shots is nothing to sneeze at! Last year, lack of shots were a hallmark of RPI's offense and once again, it seems to be revisiting the cherry and white. Of course, this is another top of the conference team that was played but hopefully some of what was learned on Friday can translate into the ECAC schedule.

As for Saturday night, RPI scored more goals (3!!) then they have in awhile but still ended up with the loss in overtime. Tyler finally got on the board for the lads but once again, shots on goal were an issue. RPI had 8, 9, 5 and 1 shots respectively during each period. Is it asking too much that they break the 10 shot barrier once against a team like Bentley??? I mean its Bentley. Allen York only saved 21 of 25 shots for an unimpressive GAA which, coupled with Lange's performance on Friday, points to Mathias continuing to take the reigns for the full season.

RPI plays on Tuesday against Massachusettes at 7pm. Game preview tomorrow and hopefully the lads can get off the snide.

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