Friday, October 17, 2008

This Weekend In ECAC Play

Wow, what a start to the season!!! First UVM now another U school. Considering how last weekend went, I am not expecting much out of RPI in this game. Still I think it will be closer than USCHO predicts. I say a loss of 4-2.

The Wildcats aren't really a "tuneup" kinda team for a developing program like RPI's ... 5-1 UNH.

RPI at Bentley:
Playing in a division that barely has any teams, Bentley only does well against the Cansius' of the world. I fully expect a win and if there isn't one forthcoming, then its definitely worry mode for the Cherry and White. Maybe 3-0 for the first shutout of the year?

USCHO agrees with me:
Bentley @ Rensselaer
Thank goodness it's not UNH, right? RPI bounces right back, 4-1

USCHO makes a good point in their weekly notebook about the Puckman jerseys. When I was a lad growing up and watching RPI those were the jerseys I wore and that I associated with the program. I realize that while the other sports programs are the Redhawks or whatever they are, the hockey programs was allowed to keep their Engineers. Still, I would like to see them go from the nondescript Rensslear jersey and back to the Puckman. And while we are at it, bring back the swarm!

USCHO's Take:

Rensselaer — the good: Vermont went only one-for-nine on the man advantage last Saturday. The bad: RPI went zip-for-five to follow up a miserable .071 performance last season. (Tangent: The Engineers played a league-low 19.2 percent of their ECAC contests with the lead.) Hopefully ‘Tute’s three-for-10 effort against the Under-18s on Sunday will inspire a little more confidence in the fledgling Engineers as they hit No. 6 New Hampshire Friday night.

Not that anyone asked me, but … I miss the Puckman jerseys. There’s nothing wrong with the current sweaters (Easton? That’s a novelty), but ditching Puckman is on par with the Penguins ditching the scarf (they couldn’t even bring it back for the Winter Classic; are you kidding me?). I actually liked the Pens’ stylized triangular logo too, but that’s neither here nor there.

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