Friday, November 10, 2006

Who's Ready For RPI Hockey???

The weekend is here. RPI gears up for an important contest.

But first- an important update about Puckman!

Never fear; Puckman's still here!
There have been rumblings out of Troy lately about the noticeable absence of Puckman, the loveably simple mascot of the Engineers' hockey program.
The long-time object of affection by the general college hockey community, and not just RPI fans, has become dissociated from the program a bit of late. He... it?... doesn't appear on the front of the team's sweaters anymore, relegated instead to a role as shoulder-patch, nor does Puckman any longer adorn Houston Field House's center ice.
Is this the death of Puckman? Inquiring minds want to know.
Sports Information Director Kevin Beattie had the answers.
While phasing out the delightfully anthropomorphic character in certain areas, like the jerseys, the :flesh-and-blood" (maybe foam rubber and felt?) mascot is still alive and well, according to Beattie.
"We'll still use it as a mascot, just not as a logo," he said. "Puckman's not going away, we're just using him less prominently."
Beattie referenced a hockey promotion in which Puckman figurines were handed out to those in attendance.
"I still see those things, in car and dorm windows, all over campus," he said. "I love it."
Many in the ECACHL community will recall past RPI mascots The Swarm, which immediately preceded Puckman, and the Redhawk, an unpopular early '90s alternative, who now represents the rest of Rensselaer athletics.
If the hardhat-wearing, hockey-glove wearing, stick-wielding disc can survive even internal competition for his job, I think it's safe to say that Puckman will be around for a long time to come.

And now for USCHO's predictions for the upcoming games:

Merrimack @ RensselaerRPI may not have made any statements last weekend, but it did take three points at home. The Engineers are still on a streak, in my eyes. Merrimack is not — and has never been — an ominous streak-killer. (Though the unexpected ones are always the best.) The Trojan icers can't overlook the Warriors, or my prediction is shot ... 4-1 Engineers.

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