Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Thoughts and Rankings

Well, first off congrats to RPI hockey for moving up in both the INCH and USCHO polls. This is the first time RPI has been ranked in forever. This will only help Appert recruit (as if he needed help) and finally brings back a measure of respectibility to the program that has been sorely lacking.

I have one of those replica championship banners in my apartment and I am itching for a third year to be placed on it. I don't think it will happen this year. I do think in 2 years (once Appert's recruits come in and the rest of Fridgen's players know his system) RPI will be able to compete for the big prize.

The reason they aren't going to do it this year is this perchance to blow leads. They are 3-1-3 and last number really gets to me. Some people have indicated that they should take more shots and I agree but I think they should stay out of the penalty box. Being on the PK for what seems to be 1/2 the game gives the other team a real chance to get back into it.

Either way RPI is rolling for the first time in a long time- GO RIPEEEE

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