Friday, November 17, 2006

RPI Hockey Back In Action

Ok- here we go- another weekend of RPI hockey. Who isn't excited that they are building up a great program and are nationally ranked????

Just be careful not to have a letdown with those SH boys!

USCHO's predictions:

Sacred Heart @ RensselaerMe: Sacred Heart is not to be taken lightly, but RPI has done an excellent job of taking care of business when the inbox is full. So to speak. 4-2 Engineers. Quarter: Huh. Sacred Heart. Silly coin.

I got my question answered in the mailbag so enjoy!

From Pete Flanigan: I have to wonder why Appert is not going with Lange full time. The goaltender racked up the awards and kept RPI in games last season and now he has more experience. From what I saw of Alford in Albany, he did not impress. Do you think Appert is making a mistake?
Granted, this email is a week or two outdated, but it was certainly a concern among many Rensselaer fans earlier this year.
At the get-go, Appert stated that, given his limited firsthand knowledge of the qualities of his individual players, every spot was up for grabs, including — and especially — in the blue semi-arc. Alford has played surprisingly well, with wins at Denver, home against Princeton and Merrimack, and a tie with Union. Lange took the hard-luck loss at DU, the season-opening tie with Boston University, and took a win from Colgate and a tie from Quinnipiac.
RPI has only played eight games so far, and only two in league. It's still awfully premature to pick a number-one goalie from the information so far, and I for one give Appert a lot of credit for ignoring convention and giving Alford his well-earned shot.

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