Monday, October 11, 2010

Well, Not Too Shabby Except...

Ok, I was tempted to actually post that RPI was going to have an 0-1-1 weekend but wasn't sure how WCHA handled tied games (shootout, overtime and then a tie) and well, RPI got a tie.

AAAAAAND RPI got the tie but coming from behind IN THE THIRD PERIOD (I don't think this point could be stressed enough). For all the criticism I give SA for having his teams constantly fold in the third in a variety of ways, I have to give him props for lighting a fire under the team and of course with Tyler and Bergin scoring, it was a good Saturday.

However, do I just have to point out that RPI was horrendous in the second period of each game with taking penalties. Whether the refs in Friday's game were calling it tight or not (and they were), there is NO EXCUSE for having 12 billion penalties in both games combined. Both teams were knocking off the rust so I will chalk it up to that but there will be some monitoring of this penalty situation here at RPI Hockey in the weeks ahead.

Overall, I am about as happy as I can be for a 0-1-1 weekend. The boys played hard and York was clearly playing out of his mind at times. I think not being blown out will also benefit the psychology of this team for the coming season. Overall, we are at condition pleased!

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