Friday, October 22, 2010

Bring On Westerrn New York!

I lived in Western New York for a time. Lived in Buffalo, commuted to Rochester and visited Jamestown many a time. I was all over the place in WNY and the Southern Tier and yet, the only college hockey I ever watched was Canisus College (pre-incident). I never got a chance to go up to what looked like a raucous barn in Niagara or out to the hockey factory at RIT. That program's history of winning at all levels of hockey is incredibly impressive.

So, if you don't want to make the 4 hour drive to see those teams, you are in luck RPI fans, they are coming to see you this weekend! These two teams from WNY are always a tough out if they get into the NCAA tourney and I expect no less of tough games against the Cherry And White.

I think RPI has a chance if Tyler and Chase keep clicking as they have. After the Colorado games where there wasn't much offense, RPI got clicking last weekend and I expect them to continue rolling through Niagara on Friday night. Niagara is currently 0-0-2 with 6 goals against. RIT is a surprising 0-2-1 but those losses have come against WCHA opponents. I expect them to get healthy against Union and RPI this weekend.

Again, the thing that will keep RPI in the game against a team like RIT is York. One hopes he has another shut out in him like last weekend.

Still my thoughts are RPI comes out of this weekend 1-1 which would be a good NC result. In any event, I am cheering for two wins for the lads, go RIPPPPEEE!

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